Valentines Day and a Birthday!!!

It is the day after Valentines Day but i want to work on my website for the month of Feburary.On Valentines Day i went to school.First, we made paper heart bags to hold our candy.Second, we pass all our candies to all the kids in the class. Third, we take them home.Now as the title said something about a birthday…. It was my dog , Teddy’s Birthday!!! :D He turned 6 years old. *laughs* he had a balony cake. he also blowed the candles. :) Well that’s it for this month so far, bye! :D

My Trip To StarBucks

                                             My Trip To Starbucks

Today is Feburary 2nd and i am going to Starbucks with Amanda from and Maryssa from and my Dad.Maryssa and Amanda drank water and I drank orange juice.Since all the choclate chip cookies were sold out we just ate cake pops tasted like vanilla cake with straw berry frosting with white ball sprinckles.We had a blast! :D

When we went out of the store we thought of going to cold stone, but it was SO COLD.So we went to Jamba Juice instead Than My dad wanted to go to Jamba Juice. .After a few minutes we went to Jamba Juice I got a Orange Dream Machine, Amanda got the samething, Maryssa got a Rass Ma Tass, and Dad got a Rass Ma Tass too!That’s the end of this story people, Bye!!! :)